Bruce Glenn has been in the Birmingham real estate scene for decades. In this episode, we hear how he built his flipping house business on the side and now shows others how to do the same.

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Important Highlights:

0:51 – Bruce, local legend in Birmingham, explains his start in real estate
4:44 – Mistakes Bruce made over the years
8:35 – Bruce explains how he became successful in flipping homes
15:07 – How to find wholesales and flipping deals
17:41 – How many houses does Bruce look at until he finds the one?
19:47 – Joint venture deals
29:26 – Tips for beginners in flipping
30:46 – Bruce talks more about Joint Venture giveaway where 1 member gets to split the profit of the flip!
32:05 – Perks of Birmingham and why it is great for investing
35:23 – What Bruce sees in the next 12- 24 months for the real estate market

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