Every investor will tell you that finding great deals in Birmingham has become increasingly difficult over the past several years. In today’s market, you need an advantage. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to our solution. Listen in as we interview Gray Hall, our Director of Brokerage, about how we’re providing off-market deals to investors like you…and how you can get on our exclusive list.

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Important Highlights:

2:37 – Gray’s background in becoming the Brokerage Director for Evernest
3:41 – Why is it so difficult for Mike the Investor
6:17 – Institutions in 2008 vs now – How has it effected the Mom & Pop investor
7:55 – Speed of institutional buys vs Mike the Investor
10:43 – Evernest will help owner ‘s build their Buy box to build portfolios
15:12 – Buy Box possibilities
17:20 – Analysis of a deal: 3 components
18:22 – How are we analyzing the work that needs to be done to the property?
20:48 – The five markets available for these services

Please reach out if interested!
Fill out our form at evernest.co/pocket-listings
Contact Gray directly: gray.hall@evernest.co

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