Walter Baker has done it all when it comes to Birmingham real estate. He’s done flips, wholesale deals, coached individuals, and holds a lot of rentals today. Listen in as we learn the secret to his real estate success.

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Important Highlights:

1:53 – Learn how Walter started his real estate business
8:35 – Walter’s different strategies and how he landed on rentals for long term wealth creation
13:15 – How Walter started buying his first rentals
15:33 – The value of investing in your real estate education
19:40 – We discuss how Walter started his coaching program
22:20 – Walter talks about the daily habits of a successful real estate investor
26:20 – Big mistakes Walter sees investors make today
29:18 – Where Walter would be buying houses right now in Birmingham
31:36 – Walter buys rentals to support his lifestyle. We ask him what his typical day/week look like now that he’s a successful investor

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