After several years in finance, Jeff hung up his suit and tie to pursue his true passion – Birmingham real estate. He started his company Build Pro which eventually led to buying fix and flips as well as personal rental properties. Jeff later expanded and started REI Trader with his partner, Jonathan Mednick. Together, they have grown their turnkey business substantially over the past several years and are some of the most respected professionals in our city. Learn from Jeff as he explains how turnkey properties work, best practices for renovation budgets, and tips for out-of-state investors when assessing potential investment properties.

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Important Highlights:

0:39 – The introduction to Jeff Shadrick
1:10 – Jeff’s real estate background
6:07 – Tips to a successful partnership
8:25 – Learn more about turnkey properties
9:44 – Jeff hung up his suit & tie in 2010, learn major differences between then vs now in real estate
15:28 – Is there a strong cashflow capacity in the real estate market today?
18:20 – With the pandemic and having residents home more often, will this drive maintenance repairs?
20:39 – Best practices for renovation budgets & common mistakes you can avoid
26:41 – Tips for out-of-state investors when assessing potential investment properties
29:23 – Can the time on a rehab be determined to the exact day?

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